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Automatic Measuring Equipment

A vast amount of JGC automatic measuring equipment has been and still is used in automobile production lines. The largest number of deliveries in this business sector is also proof of our engineering power, enabling the selection of work pieces with high precision in the order of sub microns, high-speed operations using cam mechanisms as required and compact installation to shorten production lines.

  • Cylinder block bore inner diameter automatic measuring & marking machines
  • Cylinder head cam hole measuring and marking machines
  • Crank shaft measuring and marking machines
  • Connecting rod measuring machines
  • Cam shaft inspection machines
  • Transmission case measuring and marking machines
  • Shim sorting machines
  • Worm wheel smoothing machines
  • Backlash measuring machines
  • CVT pulley press-fitting machines

Straighterer (Distortion Corrector)

JGC straightening machines using servo motors have shown the largest number of deliveries in this field, while our crack detection system using the AE sensor has earned an excellent reputation from clients.

  • Crankshaft straightening machines
  • Cam shaft straightening machines
  • Transmission shaft straightening machines
  • Rack shaft straightening machines
  • Ring gear straightening machine

Balancing Machines

Measurement of key parts imbalance and correction in automated assembly are critical issues. Such problems are resolved with the JGC high-speed and high-precision imbalance measurement and correction machine, combined with our swift aftersales
service support.

  • “15-inch large screen” with a lucid measurement result display and data display .
  • “Sampling Waveform Mode” enables prompt equipment self-diagnosis.
  • Measurement of a wide range of work pieces with different profiles is ensured by “unique digital processing”.The mixed production of various work pieces is enabled by a setup changeover facility derived from our accumulated experiences in special-purpose machines.
  • Control software support for both DOS and Windows.
  • Measurement results saved in CSV format.

Measurement Applied Equipment

In addition to custom-designed automatic measuring instruments, our lines of business also extend to further wide-ranging standardized machines and instruments, starting from press-fitting, burnishing, polishing and cleaning.

  • CNC bore measuring machines
  • Cam profile measuring machines
  • Gear checkers
  • Eddy current mold cavity detecting machines
  • Dimension measuring machines with built-in special features of cleaning, burring and press fitting