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Coral engineering srl presents all his productions about industrial installations for air, smokes and powders aspiration and depuration. Inside at general catalogues is showed products for air treatment, typical for Industrial Sector

Industrial Division

Health is an invaluable asset. The pathologies of the respiratory tract are increasing in importance, both in relation to the increased incidence of phenomena based on allergies, even food and skin allergies, and in relation to the worsening of the environmental conditions, and therefore atmospheric pollution.

Another important factor in establishing respiratory pathologies is that which deals with voluntary habits, in particular cigarette smoke, which despite informative and awareness campaigns remains one of the causes of most frequent respiratory pathologies.

It becomes important then, also at a legal-medical level, to exclude that any pathology can be caused, or encouraged, by exposure at work.

In addition to always using the least harmful products available (water-based paints, synthetic oils properly refined, etc.) it is appropriate, as well as compulsory in a specific way in legislative regulations that any time there is the possibility of production of fumes, dust or vapors in a process, independently of the serious nature of the pathologies which these can cause, the processing machines are equipped with suction systems located as close as possible to the area of emission; this is to limit as much as possible contact between the operator and harmful products.


The Jet Clean DF mobile dust collectors are filter units equipped with horizontal cartridges suitable for suction and filtration of welding fumes, fine and coarse dusts as well as of small quantities of chips. They are composed by powder coated steel panels and pr-fitted with articulated arm flanged connection model

  • UNIVERSAL NO-SMOKE 3.3 MTS (Standard)
  • EVOLUTION NO –SMOKE 3 MTS (Optional)
  • Both in diameter – 150 mm.

They are engineered to be used inside the work premises.

Operating principle
The polluted air is sucked through the inlet thanks to the depression created by the suction fan positioned on the clean side. The filter unit consists of one vertical pre-chamber, where the heaviest dust sare sorted out, falling then in a first collecting bin (A). The following labyrinth together with the high efficiency filtering cartridges complete the filtration of the remaining fine dusts collected in the second bin (B). The high performance fan, placed just on the top of the unit, assures a high suction capacity and a low noise level, the clean air is exhausted out through a top grill.

Perfect efficiency of the filter cartridge
The Jet Clean DF thanks to the pneumatic cleaning automatic system (with compressed air) grants the perfect efficiency of the filter cartridge.

Grindex Suction Filter

The Grindex suction filter was built to be used in all those cases in which it executes a processing of dry grinding, honing tool with emery grinding wheel, etc.., and where the possibility exists of transport with the air of particles which in candescent may damage the filters.

High filtering efficiency
The needled felt special high permeability with which pockets are made filter, allows to increase the duration and obtain a better filtration efficiency (up to 99%) BIA U, with low pressure drop compared to traditional fabrics such as for example cotton. In GRINDEX / 3 reaches the filtration efficiency of 99.99% for special applications.